Hello , My name is Barry, and thanks for visiting.

I have held about every job you can name in the restaurant business. From bartender,  line cook, caterer, executive chef and  even all the way to ownership. Now is the time to share these experiences…come and get it!

On this site  you will find information and lessons on anything and everything  culinary.  Lessons customised to your needs. You name the subject and we will do our best to research it and deliver it!

Want to cook an extraordinary meal for that special someone or worse yet….is this year your turn to have the family holiday at your house ??…Oh My God !!  For how many guests?!?

Need a few pointers on planning meals for the week and saving a few bucks?

Engage us in a couple of customised lessons!!!

Think about it! Having fun learning  by yourself at your pace, or better yet, with a group of your friends improving your skills in cooking, cooking techniques, party planning, ethnic cuisines or even  growing your own organic herbs and vegetables…(we do).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be confident about knowing you can provide great simple or fancy “WOW” meals for yourself, your family and friends?

Call  or e-mail us now and we will be pleased to discuss what should be the next simple step in your culinary education!


We will offer video lessons on this site as well as  video interviews with some interesting chefs and food experts on the most fascinating  aspects of the restaurant industry.

Contact us now so we can focus on your culinary education.


This site will also offer a blog about restaurant expeditions where our  team  explores new and classic dining locations.

Check us out !  What’s not to like about a site like this?

Our world is all about the food….come join us!

We cook….We eat…We Grow.

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